What's up everybody, it's Jovan Young, founder of Premiere.

PRME. is a Christian brand that transcends past just clothing. We are based out of Newport News, VA and were established on 3/18/19. We are a People that create art to inspire everyone to break down all limits to their imagination. We embrace our differences & newness in a world that struggles with breaking away from its set template.

Our foundation is rooted in Romans 8:31 - What shall We then say to these things? If GOD be for Us, who can be against Us?

Growing up in newport news, va, I realized that unlike places like New York or California, there wasn't a lot of culture in the area. You can always tell when people are from those certain areas just based off of their accents, styles, or even their music influences; but Virginia has never had that. We've never really had a creative culture that makes people say "oh you must be from Virginia." We don't even have a professional sports team lol.

With that being said, GOD is using Me to create PRME. to establish a New Sound. A Sound of creativity. of art. a new futuristic. A Sound that not only defines Virginia, but a Sound that inspires the world to break down all creative limitations. to do the unexpected. to deviate from the world's patterns.